Anarchism in Budapest

Budapest is about 4 hours from Prague.

There are a few anarchist info shops, as well as bars, and cafe.

Also a secret large squat in an abandon factory. but we wont talk about that here.

some resources . (copy and paste into browser)





3 thoughts on “Anarchism in Budapest”

  1. saluton from o$aka, japnese islands, far east. you may not know about any situations in japnese islands(especially in osaka). if you will be able to be interested in some efforts of mutual aid and homeless liberation movement in osaka, you can get some history/infos about “realities in jap”. thanx. in struggle against the poverty & bastards.

    1. Hey I will look into that
      I’m not so familiar with the situation right now ,but I have read about different past struggles in Japanese islands so I’ll check it out
      Much love!

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