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The art of Petr Pavlensky

Petr Pavlensky the trial of Pussy Riot outside the Kazan Cathedral, St. Petersburg (2012)
Petr Pavlensky the trial of Pussy Riot outside the Kazan Cathedral, St. Petersburg (2012) Retrieved from on 2-28-2014

Petr Pavlensky is an Anarchist, conceptual artist, and activist from Saint Petersburg Russia. His art is hardcore. 

He studied at the Industrial Academy and Institute of PROARTE. He’s 28 years old and has gained quite a bit of web kudos after his public performance where he sewed his lips together in protest to the ongoing Pussy Riot trial. He also created a stunning work out of thousands of photographs of Putin, and of course he nailed his balls to sidewalk one time too. But his art carries a serious message about an ongoing struggle against the many injustices experienced by so many people in post-Soviet Union Russia. The communist are gone and now the Federation is opening its doors to the service industry, the world bank, McDonald’s, KFC, and all the other amenities of Capitalism. But the anti-Capitalist movement is alive and well in the Big R. And now is a pivotal moment with the war in Ukraine. There is a day of actions planned for March Across Russia in opposition to Russia’s decision to move into Ukraine with force.  Students, activist, and anarchist from all walks of life will meet in Moscow: March 2 at 14:00 on Manezh Square. And in other locations throughout the country. And I’m sure Petr Pavlensky will make an appearance and hopefully another great performance. Petr talks about the need for action and the acceptance of varying forms of resistance in current social movements.

” It is a loosing tactic to just show up in the Square. As in, “We’re off work, let’s all grab some beers and then go stand around in the Square.” This form of protest, dictated to the people, ceases to be a real form of resistance; It’s recreation. Passing time. They stand around, show their number to each other, and then leave. Forms of resistance must vary. “

Article on Animal New York.

Interview with Petr Pavlensky by Marina Galperina, November 18, 2013

This is so true and cannot be stressed enough. People need to accept the use of a diversity of tactics, yes this means violence. Even violence must be taken as a acceptable and effective means of achieving goals in radical movements. Especially during these crucial times.

Война властям!

Peace to the nations! War authorities!