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The art of Petr Pavlensky

Petr Pavlensky the trial of Pussy Riot outside the Kazan Cathedral, St. Petersburg (2012)
Petr Pavlensky the trial of Pussy Riot outside the Kazan Cathedral, St. Petersburg (2012) Retrieved from http://animalnewyork.com on 2-28-2014

Petr Pavlensky is an Anarchist, conceptual artist, and activist from Saint Petersburg Russia. His art is hardcore. 

He studied at the Industrial Academy and Institute of PROARTE. He’s 28 years old and has gained quite a bit of web kudos after his public performance where he sewed his lips together in protest to the ongoing Pussy Riot trial. He also created a stunning work out of thousands of photographs of Putin, and of course he nailed his balls to sidewalk one time too. But his art carries a serious message about an ongoing struggle against the many injustices experienced by so many people in post-Soviet Union Russia. The communist are gone and now the Federation is opening its doors to the service industry, the world bank, McDonald’s, KFC, and all the other amenities of Capitalism. But the anti-Capitalist movement is alive and well in the Big R. And now is a pivotal moment with the war in Ukraine. There is a day of actions planned for March Across Russia in opposition to Russia’s decision to move into Ukraine with force.  Students, activist, and anarchist from all walks of life will meet in Moscow: March 2 at 14:00 on Manezh Square. And in other locations throughout the country. And I’m sure Petr Pavlensky will make an appearance and hopefully another great performance. Petr talks about the need for action and the acceptance of varying forms of resistance in current social movements.

” It is a loosing tactic to just show up in the Square. As in, “We’re off work, let’s all grab some beers and then go stand around in the Square.” This form of protest, dictated to the people, ceases to be a real form of resistance; It’s recreation. Passing time. They stand around, show their number to each other, and then leave. Forms of resistance must vary. “

Article on Animal New York.

Interview with Petr Pavlensky by Marina Galperina, November 18, 2013

This is so true and cannot be stressed enough. People need to accept the use of a diversity of tactics, yes this means violence. Even violence must be taken as a acceptable and effective means of achieving goals in radical movements. Especially during these crucial times.

Война властям!

Peace to the nations! War authorities!



 Hey everybody; comrades, trolls, on the fence communist and libertarians. This is the first (new) post so thanks for reading and check back soon.

As before we will discuss current social and political struggles from around the world, technology, art, philosophy, and more, from an anarchist perspective.

Things like animal rights, race and sex, hacktavism (including tutorials specifically geared toward equipping anarchist and other comrades with the tools they need to stay anonymous online, make anonymous transactions, as well as both offensive and defensive security topics), and of course no class smashing fuck spooling anarcho-blog would be complete without the regular discourse on riots, sex, and Molotov cocktails. So we are sure you are going to enjoy it.

We will feature post from guest writers, but for now we consist of me, R33d, an anarchist artist, designer, and student located in Prague Czech Republic, originally from the United Snakes of Amerikkka, Post, an awesome graffiti writer, student, and long time anarchist, and last but not least, Richard the dog, he’s a DJ and self proclaimed freelance mastermind whatever that means.

For our first topics we will cover the current situation in Ukraine, new developments in Bitcoin and how this can be used effectively by anarchist and other radical groups to make transaction in an autonomous currency (as opposed to those US dollars), the art of artist Petr Pavlensky  Check it out!, and the decolonize movement in Canada and Australia.

As well as this blog we will be starting an original zine with pretty much the same concept, it will be available here for free as a pdf, or for purchase as a print. All the proceeds will go to starting our zine distro, and 35% will be dispersed across various other anarchist organizations.

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Much love until all are free and even then, Anarchism lives in our hearts; from our love and our rage.

2 Responses to an article on anarchistnews.org

Anarchists: We need to talk about Facebook (original article below) 


First is Ab Irato’s response on Facebook. here it is “We have always thought that the left wants something else: to continue our struggles on the internet and to use the internet for our political struggles. This is what it’s about for us – even today. That is why we see Facebook users as a real danger for our struggles. In particular, activists who publish important information on Facebook (often without knowing what they are doing), which is increasingly used by law enforcement agencies. We could almost go as far as accusing those activists of collaborating. But we’re not quite there yet. We still have hope that people will realise that Facebook is a political enemy and that those who use Facebook make it more and more powerful. Activist Facebook users feed the machine and thereby reveal our structures – without any need, without any court orders, without any pressure.” 

Heres my response to that. 

To Abrato and fellow Anarchist –

I Disagree I don’t think we should see activist facebook users as collaborators. I think we should see, and use, digital communication as an equally important front of resistance. Not only is the Internet the biggest media outlet but Its also a place thats dominated by capitalist with proprietary software, operating systems, everything really is fucked. The state is going to repress the movement no matter what we shouldn’t give into their shit by giving up our presence on the Internet because it’s probably the largest media outlet we have. I think the Internet is crucial for building this worldwide movement” 


I don’t think anarchist should be scared of the internet. I think we need to take advantage of it, and use it. It it our biggest media outlet, perhaps are biggest voice. We need to use it, and definitely not alienate those who do.