Bosnia in revolt!

Bosnia is bursting into revolution. But unlike the current situation in Ukraine this movement is NOT being led by fascists and Neo-Nazis. Anarchist have taken to the forefront of this movement, which has resulted in the burning of government buildings and formation of popular assemblies similar to those seen during the Occupy movement. This is something bright for social movements in Eastern Europe where so much is dominated by the extreme right. Links and photos on the Bosnian revolt at the bottom.

This movement is focusing on the broad class conflict in the region. It all started on Wednesday February 5th after when workers organized a protest in front of a Government building located in Tuzla. Workers in Bosnia have been active for the past decade; sense the fall of socialism, hunger strikes, protest, and the like have been very common. But on February 5th the movement went to the next level. When workers demanded the resignation of the Prim Minister, he of course refused, this resulted in workers forcing their way straight through the police lines and into the building, where they then light that mother fucker up! This was the spark that light the fire; solidarity protest broke out throughout the country, which resulted in the burning of even more government buildings, the Presidency building, the municipality of Sarajevo Center, the parliament building, two nationalists party headquarters, the City Hall, and tons of police cars, vans, and other state property across the country were successfully destroyed in the wake of the protests.

People from all walks of life were taking part in the actions, students, activists, workers, young, and old. The people in Bosnia are some of the most disenfranchised in Europe, with unemployment above 50% and even as high as 70% for young people. As in most other Eastern European countries political corruption is wide spread and the authorities have been reportedly taking bigger and bigger loans from the IMF, driving the country deeper and deeper into debt.

These protest ARE NOT OVER they are still continuing now. These polititions and government crooks are scared to death! This has unfortunately resulted in a backlash by the government against it’s own people, people have been threaten with imprisonment and even having their jobs taken away. During one of the protest it is reported that red Hummer, almost certainly connected with the state, literally drove through a crowd of people. This is the kind of violence comrades in Bosnia are up against. Please try and show your support however you can. Below are some links to videos, a great podcast with an interview with 2 protestors, and some other relevant articles and photos. Enjoy!













English translation of the text from Bosnia Herzegovina
citizens and workers communiqué and proclamation of
independence from the state of Tuzla Canton

A statement from the Belgrade Police Union

Podcast from Crimethinc

Listen to the Bosnian protest anthem

Riot porn video! (from Bosnia)

More Riot Porn!! (from Bosnia)

Even More Riot Porn! (from Bosnia)









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