“revolutionary unionism” in Portland

An article from libcom discussing “revolutionary unionism” among other things. 

S.nappalos talks about is time spent workin’, unions, and revolution.You can check out his blog here.

Heres some nice moments from the article,

I arrived at my union job in one such bargaining period. Initially, there were two stewards for a shop of 100, and perhaps five activists of which maybe two or three would actually come through on their work. During the year I was there before bargaining, workers were seriously injured, two people were fired arbitrarily, two union supporters were wrongly denied jobs, my department was cut in half, and the workload was doubled. The work was traumatic for all involved, terrible for the children, and devastating for workers. There was about sixty percent turnover per year due to the nature of working with such children in a poorly run facility where workers were treated like disposable lenses.

The business union’s main goal in campaigns is generally to get the contract. Today’s contracts are what I call comprehensive contracts. (This is to distinguish them from the earlier notion of contracts that were partial; those were short in duration and were centered on specific grievances and workplace issues.) Current contracts, both for the bosses and unions, seek to specify as much as possible about the working conditions. Contracts are used, interpreted, and utilized like law. The process of expanding contracts to include huge swaths of policy, however, has had other effects for workers.

– s.nappalos

Lessons from a social service worker’s strike
Feb 27 2014


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